🐸 njt 🐸

🐸 npm jump to  🐸

Available destinations

  • b package cost estimation on bundlephobia.com
  • c changelog
  • g github (gitlab, etc.) repository root
  • h homepage (aliased as w for website or d for docs)
  • i issues
  • n package info on npmjs.com
  • p pull requests (aliased as m for merge requests)
  • r list of github releases
  • s source (often same as repository root, but can be its subdirectory in case of a monorepo)
  • t list of git tags
  • u package contents preview on unpkg.com
  • v list of package versions with dates on npmjs.com
  • y package page on yarnpkg.com (mirror registry for npmjs.com)
  • . browse GitHub / GitLab code

Omitting the destination or entering an non-existing one takes you to the package page on npmjs.com as if you used n.



njt prettier (no specified destination)🐸 → npmjs.com/package/prettier

njt prettier h (homepage)🐸 → prettier.io

njt prettier s (source)🐸 → github.com/prettier/prettier

njt prettier r (releases)🐸 → github.com/prettier/prettier/releases

njt prettier y (yarn)🐸 → yarnpkg.com/package/prettier


njt gives you an even bigger productivity boost when integrated into browser or terminal. See instructions in GitHub repo’s README.

Crafted by Alexander Kachkaev using Next.js, hosted by Vercel 💚